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About QTP Training Course in Chennai

HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), an automated functional testing tool that helps testers to perform automated regression testing in order to identify any gaps, errors/defects in contrary to the actual/desired results of the application under test.

Best QTP training institute in Chennai offers Job Oriented QTP training in Chennai with Placement by experienced QTP professionals having 11 years of Software Testing experience using QTP and Selenium.

We offer QTP job assistance (subject to project availability and partner requirements) for positions in India, Singapore, Dubai and the UK.

QTP Training in Chennai Learn HP Quick Test Professional 11.5 (UFT) from the best QTP Training Institute in Chennai which offers complete QTP course in Chennai by well experienced Test Manager having more than 9 years of Real time experience in functional test automation. If you are looking for Best QTP Training In Chennai to develop test scripts for functional testing on top of QTP we can definitely help you.
BEST QTP training in chennai strongly determined to provide Realtime and Practical Trainings on Automation Testing. We have been providing Selenium and QTP Training in chennai for more than FIVE years. All our sessions are completely practical and interactive paired with Realtime Methodologies, Project Scenarios and Interview Guidance exclusively on Selenium and QTP

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Basic to Advanced QTP Training Course Syllabus

Automation -- QTP 11.00

Introduction to Automation

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Benefits of Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing
  • Various Automation Test Tools
  • Tool selection criteria

Introduction to QTP 11.00

  • Overview of Quick Test Pro
  • Starting Quick Test
  • Quick Test Window
  • Quick Test Window Layout
  • Using Quick Test Commands

QTP 11.0 installation Process

Salient Features & Advantages of Test Automation

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

Different ways of Developing Automation Tests

  • Recording a test
  • Standard Recording
  • Analog Recording
  • Low Level Recording
  • Writing Script
  • Descriptive Programming

Working with Test Objects and Object Repositories

  • How QTP learns & identifies Objects
  • Working with Test Objects
  • Object Spy
  • Configuring Object Identification
  • Smart Identification
  • Merging Shared Object Repositories
  • Comparing shared objects Repositories
  • Associating shared objects Repositories to a Test
  • Working with Test objects methods &
  • Properties

VB Script Language Overview

  • VB Script Data Types
  • VB Script Variables
  • VB Script Constants
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Select case
  • Arrays
  • functions

User Defined Functions

  • Creating User Defined Functions
  • Advantages of Using Functions
  • Creating Generic Functions
  • Creating Function Libraries
  • Associating Function Libraries
  • Preparing Regression Test Automation
  • Suites
  • Function Decomposition Implementation

Advanced VB Scripting

  • Working with Internet Explorer
  • Application
  • Working with File system Objects
  • Working with Data Base Connection
  • Working with Record Set Object
  • Working with COM Object
  • Working with Word Application Object
  • Error handling with Err Object
  • Working with Dictionary Object
  • Working with XML Util Object
  • Working with QC Util Object
  • Working with DOM Object
  • WSH Scripting Basics
  • Working with Shell


  • Need of Synchronization
  • Different ways of Synchronizing the Tests
  • Configuring Default Synchronization Time Out
  • Exist Statement
  • Wait Statement
  • Synchronizing Point


  • Checkpoint Introduction
  • Adding Checkpoints to a Test
  • Types of Checkpoints
  • Standard Checkpoint
  • Image Checkpoint
  • Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Table Checkpoint
  • Text Checkpoint
  • Text Area Checkpoint
  • Accessibility Checkpoint
  • Page Checkpoint
  • Database Checkpoint
  • XML Checkpoint
  • Checkpoints Supported Environment
  • Validating the Above Checks through Code

Output Values

  • Output Values Introduction
  • Different Output Values
  • Defining Output Values
  • Storing Output Values
  • Using Output Values in Script
  • Substitute Above Output Values through
  • Code


  • Purpose
  • Inserting Transactions
  • Inserting Ending Transactions
  • Analyzing Transaction Results

Working with Actions

  • Introduction to Actions
  • Benefits of Actions
  • Creating Tests with Multiple Actions
  • Guidelines for working with Actions
  • Creating new Actions
  • Insert Actions
  • Inserting Copy of Actions
  • Inserting Existing Actions
  • Splitting Actions
  • Action Parameters
  • Test Modularity Implementation
  • Creating an Action Template
  • Difference Between Reusable Actions and
  • Functions
  • Developing Data Driven Tests
  • Introduction to Parameterize Tests
  • Parameterize a Test Manually
  • Parameterize a Test using Data table
  • Parameterization through XML Files, Excel

Files, Flat Files

  • Parameterize a Test using Environment
  • Variables
  • Data Driven Test
  • Create Data Driven Tests
  • Local and Global Data Tables

Regular Expressions

  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Defining Regular Expressions
  • Working with RegExp Object


  • Need of Debugging
  • Break Points
  • Step Into
  • Step Over
  • Step Out
  • Debug Viewer
  • Watch
  • Variable
  • Command
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Introduction to Recovery Scenarios
  • When to use Recovery Scenarios
  • Defining Recovery Scenarios
  • Recovery Scenario Manager
  • Managing Recovery Scenarios
  • Associating Recovery Scenarios to your
  • Test
  • Programmatically Controlling the
  • Recovery Mechanism

Descriptive Programming

  • Introduction to Descriptive Programming
  • When to use Descriptive Programming
  • Descriptive Programming Approach
  • Static Representation
  • Dynamic Representation
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Handling Similar Objects
  • Developing Generic Scripts

Virtual Objects

  • Define Virtual Objects
  • Manage Virtual Objects

Working with Web Tables AOM Scripts

  • Developing Start Up Scripts
  • Launching QTP
  • Setting Tool Options
  • Setting Test Options
  • Opening a Test
  • Running a Test
  • Store Results in Required Location
  • Closing a Test
  • Closing QTP

API Programming

  • API Introduction
  • Windows API Library
  • Registering API Library
  • Calling the Library Functions in API

Scripting in Real-time Environment

  • Quick Test Pro Coding Standards & Best Practices
  • Naming Conventions
  • Coding Rules

Automation Frameworks

  • Automation Approach
  • Planning and Design Frame Work
  • Implementation of
  • Modularity Framework
  • Library Architecture Framework
  • Keyword-Driven Framework
  • Data-Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

Working with Quality Center

  • Connecting to Quality Center
  • Disconnecting from Quality Center
  • Integrating Quickest with Quality Center
  • Uploading Automation Resources in

Quality Center

  • Saving Tests into Quality Center
  • Opening Tests from Quality Center
  • Executing Tests from Quality Center

Additional Coverage

  • Utility Objects
  • Step Generator
  • Function Definition Generator
  • Examples & Scenarios Relevant to Major Businesses

Difference between QTP & Winrunner

    QTP Testing Live Project Training In Chennai with Assured Job

    BEST QTP training in chennai strongly determined to provide Realtime and Practical Trainings on Automation Testing. We have been providing Selenium and QTP Training in chennai for more than Seven years. All our sessions are completely practical and interactive paired with Realtime Methodologies, Project Scenarios and Interview Guidance exclusively on Selenium and QTP

    Greens Technology is recognized for its QTP Training in both retail and corporate market. We have trained above 28,000 students exclusively on QTP and QC in last 7 years.All our trainers’ expertises on both development and training which helps us deliver project based training.

    Our wonderful QTP training team lead by Mr. Prabhakar who is working in a leading MNC, researching and automating web applications for last 10 years and contributing to the best QTP training in Chennai.

    All our trainings focuses on practical than theory model. We provide hands-on training experience which helps you test web applications easily at the end of the training program.

    Our retail batch strength is 5 / 6 and so we will be able to provide individual attention. We will guide you till completing your certifications and many students have cleared with 100% score.

    QTP Training Course Highlights:

    • 1) Two days free trial - If candidate likes this course, these days are adjusted in his actual schedule.
    • 2) Live Project Exposure of Fortune companies.
    • 3) Training by Subject Matter experts from CMM Level 5 companies
    • 4) Running in two major financial cities of India – Chennai and Mumbai
    • 5) Worldwide Classroom training of QTP and corporate classes at affordable fees.
    • 6) Our basic course worth more than the advanced course of other institutes/freelancers.
    • 7) Free Interview preparations.
    • 8) 100% free assistance for HP QTP certifications.
    • 9) 100 % guarantee in succeeding the certification at affordable fees.
    • 10) Also provide Classroom training to students of foreign countries.
    • Learn QTP Training from the Best QTP training Institute in Chennai

    QTP Training Duration

    • Duration: 70 hours
    • Regular classroom based training available for this course on Both Weekdays / Weekends
    • Fast Track (1-1): No of hours per day can be as per convenience of participant.
    • Weekend classroom classes are available for this course.

    QTP Training Centers in Chennai

    Greens Technology
    15 First Street Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
    Tel: +91- 89399 15577
          +91- 89399 25577
    Email: contact@greenstechnologys.com

    Definite Guide to QTP Certification

    QTP certification by HP is meant for QuickTest professionals who wish to gain mastery in testing tools by HP called QuickTest. QTP 11 Certification (Code: HPO-M47) have been introduced in the place of QTP 10 certification. QTP 10 Certification has become obsolete.

    The exam is intended for Testers, Automation Engineers, Services Specialists and technical personnel who will implement test automation by creating, enhancing and running tests and analysing run results with HP Functional Testing 11.x.


    HP  Functional Testing 11.x

    Advance Scripting using QuickTest Professional 11

    Exam #






    No of Questions



    Type of Questions

    Multiple choice and drag and drop

    Multiple choice and performance based

    Passing Score



    Exam Time

    105 minutes

    180 minutes

    Course Content

    • 11% ALM concepts, architecture and components
    • 12% Management terms, concepts and tools
    • 9% Requirements implementation and management
    • 3% Risk based testing, steps and factors
    • 6% Test plan build
    • 10% Test sets plan and execution
    • 11% Defect tracking concepts, features and best practices
    • 3% Version control use and configuration
    • 11% Reports build and data management
    • 4% Business models module key concept, terms and operations
    • 6% HP sprinter key concepts and operations
    • 4% ALM integrations and extensions
    • 10% Project Customization
    • 15% Planning for a Quality Center Installation
    • 5% Upgrade from previous versions
    • 5% Configure admin settings
    • 5% Customize the QC Project
    • 10% Core ALM: Release, Requirements, Test plans and Defects Modules
    • 5% ALM reporting tools
    • 5% Versioning, baselines and libraries
    • 5% Use of template projects
    • 5% HP sprinter
    • 5% ALM implementation practices
    • 15% Troubleshooting
    • 20% Performance based activity

    Examination Fees:

    $200 each, varies depending on your regional and location.


    Exam Center

    Pearson VUE

    HP Software Education training facilities

    Payment mode

    Credit card, voucher code, promotional code

     What is the Registration Process and Examination Fees?

    • Candidates should visit the HP site and get the learners ID.
    • Using that learners ID, Candidate have to create a user profile in the Pearson VUE site. For HP ASE examination center will be HP software education training facilities.
    • Acknowledgement mail will be received along with the examination date and the registration number for the exam.

    Recommended Tips:

    • Explore more on the tools menus of QTP
    • Shortcut keys
    • Properties of all the objects
    • Checkpoints
    • Tool Features

    Take Mock Certification Test Here.


    QTP Training Reviews

    Greens Technology Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

    Best QTP Training classes

    Best QTP Training classes Chennai "Thank you so much for the hp certificate.

    It was an intensive course which had helped to broaden my knowledge and understanding of QTP and QC.. Thank you for all your help support over the course period, I have learnt a lot and really enjoyed the course time."

    Best QTP Testing Corporate Training in Chennai

    Best QTP Testing Training classes Chennai " The QTP Testing Course was awesome, Instructor really has explained everything in detailed manner and cleared all the doubts with much patience. It really helped a lot to enhance our Functional testing knowledge and get to know what is QTP Testing role in real environment. It was little sad corporate class has ended, it has to someday or the other i know. Keep us updated about everything on Greens Technologies Site, Hope you will continue your support to us whenever needed. Best of Luck for your Future Goals."

    Best QTP Training Institute In Chennai

    Best QTP Training Institute In Chennai "I started QTP course with no knowledge at all,and i completed with lot of knowledge..this all because of Prabhakar ..who is very good at explaining subject very clearly..Prabhakar --i know many people who knows subject and cannot express or explain it to students in an understandable way..but you rock the subject..one last thing Prabhakar ,you are a very good instructor..so far in my experience you are the best..thanks for all the support"

    Best QTP Testing Training Center in Chennai

    Best QTP Testing Training Center Chennai "I want to thank you for your incredible efforts and sharing your vast knowledge. I am feeling lucky to have attended your great batch. You are awesome Prabhakar , I am not sure when i will be able to attain 50% of your knowledge but i got a lot inspired by you. I will keep in touch and will always try to learn from you as much as I can. Thanks once again Prabhakar "
    Prabhakar ! I am really delighted about the QTP course and i am surprised to see the depth of your knowledge in all aspects of the QTP Testing. I see that many test managers with over 15+ yrs experience doesn't have the knowledge that you have. I really enjoyed your sessions, definitely look forward to learn more from you in the future. Thanks again."

    Best QTP Online Training in Chennai

    Best QTP Online Training in Chennai "My experience learning QTP Testing through Greens Technology is that the way it is facilitated and explained step by step with examples makes anyone to quickly understand the process of QTP Testing life cycle and choose an entry level QTP job. When compared to other online available QTP Testing tutorials Greens Technology is the best I can say!!! You are outstanding in helping someone who are interested in learning QTP"

    Best QTP Certification Training in Chennai

    Best QTP Certification Training in Chennai "I am 100% satisfied with the course and its content. Prabhakar is very professional and explains every question I have in regards to QTP Testing. If we have any suggestions or advice we always send a question to Prabhakar and He explain it very professionally. Prabhakar is an excellent trainer having sound knowledge in QTP and Selenium. He is really good with QTP and various other automation testing tools. Apart from QTP, he also posses a very good knowledge of different aspects of real world scenarios. The way he used to handle our queries and solve our technical problems that was really appreciable. More than a trainer, he was a friend to all of us. He taught us how to collaborate and work as a team. "

    Best QTP Testing LIVE PROJECT Training

    Best QTP Testing LIVE PROJECT Training in Chennai "I congratulate you for conducting this training with so much detail and smoothness. Prabhakar is a great teacher, experienced and very knowledgeable. He is very prompt with his response and encourage and explain all the questions/answers. I have learn a lot from this course. Thank you!"

    Online Best QTP Testing LIVE PROJECT Training course was excellently organized and conducted. The assignments given after every session and the feedback about it, helped me to learn in depth about each techniques. Thank you so much for that.

    Prabhakar provided us with wonderful ebooks, study materials,question dumps that guided and paved me to clear QTP certification with 85%. Thank you so much Prabhakar.

    You are creating many aspirants like us who wanted to enter into IT field. Continue your good job and I would like to have more online sessions related to QTP Testing from Greens Technology Adyar.

    Best QTP Testing Training in Chennai

    Best QTP Testing Training in Chennai "This course have been designed in such a way that everyone from any discipline can understand about the roles and activities as a QTP teste in different environments of QTP. Prabhakar is an excellent teacher with having the best teaching techniques. I love the way He teaches, and definitely, this course has helped me to understand the whole scenario of roles of a QTP Testing most importantly, the live scenarios helped me to get knowledge how to work in real time."

    Best QTP Training in Chennai

    Rating:5 Star Rating: Excellent  5/5 QTP training Chennai, Reviewed by : Diwakar, Adyar, Chennai on 2014-November-18

    QTP training in Chennai adyar reviewDear Sai! This e-mail is to say BIG THANK YOU..for all teaching you done in our QTP training sessions. I GOT JOB as Test Enginner after almost 2 months of struggle here in Chennai. I must Thank you for such a good and rocking lessons. to tell you frankly you made me to like/love/crazy about QTP though i have no idea about it before joining your classes." This is my first job in IT after my studies and i am a bit tensed how things will be after joining in the company. your suggestions are more helpful for me to get on well in the company as good software testing professional.

    Best QTP Training classes

    Best QTP Training classes Chennai "I think this is the best qtp course I have taken so far..Well I am still in the process of learning new things but for me this learning process has become so easy only after I joined this course..as Prabhakar is very organized and up to the point.. he knows what he is teaching and makes his point very clear by explaining numerous times. I would definitely recommend anyone who has any passion for Testing..

    Best QTP Training and Placement In Chennai

    Best QTP Training and Placement In Chennai "Hi, This is Rajesh and i am a 2013 B.tech pass out. Today i am here to Thank Greens Technologies. As a fresher i was in lot of confusion whether in this kind of situations (Political Issues and Companies not interested in recruiting freshers) i would get a job in Software field. With a suggestion from My friend i have joined in Greens Technologies and i got a job within 23 days After completion of My course (Manual+QTP) and the placement assistance was from Greens Technologies. It is an institute with Wonderful Faculty and Placement assistance. I do recommend Greens Technologies For freshers who are in Job Hunt. I am presently doing as Test Engineer in Accenture Bangalore and i am very happy to share my success story. Thank You Greens Technologies :)"

    Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai

    Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai "I joined "Greens Technologies" because of their proven expertise in Testing and Quality Assurance. Here, I learnt the Magic of Testing. The constant and personal interaction with the Trainer, Live Projects, Certification Training and Study material are the best part. The trainers are extremely proficient in their knowledge and understanding of the topics. The instructors I had were both skillful and possessed the knowledge required to present the material to the classes. The Testing training program has provided me with the necessary skill sets to prepare me for the corporate world. "Greens Technologies" is the stepping stone to my success in the IT world. The money invested is well worth the reward. On my personal experience I recommend "Greens Technologies" heart fully as the best training institute for IT Testing education. Thank you "Greens Technologies" for helping me achieve my dream of becoming an ISTQB certified Testing IT professional."

    Best automation testing tool courses in chennai In Chennai

    Best automation testing tool courses in chennai In Chennai " I learned QTP and Manual testing at Greens Technologies & i learnt lots of things in both manual and automation. Now i am working as a TEAM LEAD on both automation and Manual. This entire credit goes to Greens Technologies team. Even they are supporting the people after completion of course. Thank you very much to all Greens Technologies members and special thanks to Prabhakar sir..."

    Excellent Coaching for QTP Training and Placement In Chennai

    Excellent Coaching for QTP Training and Placement In Chennai "I Have joined on April 13th, 2014. I have taken training from Greens Technologies &It was really a good platform where i full filled my ambition. Greens Technologies has good environment for learning, effective training by real time resources and lab facility. Finally thanks to Greens Technologies and Dinesh sir."

    Best Training Institute for QTP in Chennai

    Best Training Institute for QTP in Chennai "It helped me grow from being an amateur to a professional, by making me understand the need of knowing things about testing. The complete understanding they provide during the course was really helpful and it stands apart from any help provided from online courses. I truly would recommend anyone who are in search of being a professional tester very soon."

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